About the smallholding

Tancastell is a 7 acre smallholding in the quiet village of Cross Inn. It comprises the main farm house, the granary, a traditional Welsh longbarn (including a two horse stable), a large hay barn and a further small barn. We’re very rural – you wont get a phone signal unless you walk up the track but the good news is we do have WiFi and TV reception. Water is provided by a well which feeds both the farm house and the granary.

The Past

Prior to our arrival here in November Tancastell was unoccupied for two years and it has not been a working smallholding for some time. We plan to change that!

The Present

In the short time we’ve been here we’ve cleared out the overgrown brambles and bushes from the woodland around the lake and given the trees a makeover resulting in a clear path around the edge of the lake. We got to work with the chainsaw and axe to chop up the fallen trees around the perimeter of the fields giving us our fuel for next year. We’ve pruned the overgrown fruit bushes, apple trees and grapevine and we’ve had more bonfires than you can shake a stick at.

The Future

We intend to make Tancastell a working smallholding again. Our aim is to become as self sufficient as possible with an extensive vegetable and herb garden to go with our orchard and fruit cage. We’ve also added ducks and quails to our animal family who are paying their way in eggs!